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B-NOVO Technologies

Data bridges people – Since its inception, B-NOVO Technologies has always strived to help our clients maintain integrity between the business analytics based management and the social, teamwork-based action. In our experience, only good balance between the both truly help organizations achieve their goals. 


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Business Social

Our mission


To bridge data and people – Business Social brand was inspired by organizations, wanting and willing to eliminate the disconnect between data and people. In B-NOVO Technologies, we aim to solve it via software: have data readily available at a glance and ensure platform for teams to use and manipulate it efficiently. As hardware requirements become less and less of an issue, it’s software that must help management to work efficiently, to collaborate and to have easy access to data. Moving software to cloud is one of solutions, as it stores collective information; however, it is still only a hardware solution.

Our values


to have a global approach to everything we do and create


to work together, with our clients, partners and employees 


to maintain integrity in every step of our communication process  


to always seek new and best solutions. 

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