General information

What is Business Social for Logistics?

Business Social for Logistics is a management solution that covers processes of full-load transportation and freight forwarding management. It is also integrated with CRM (i.e. Client Resource Management) functions for client information management and internal communication.

Why choose Business Social for Logistics?
  • To increase profits and lower spending;
  • To increase management work efficiency;
  • To have more insightful fleet management;
  • To analyze and improve performance and finance
What is B-NOVO?

B-NOVO is our in-house technology, used to create various business management solutions. B-NOVO programming architecture uses only the most advanced programming components, which allows for flexible and cutting edge systems to be realized. One of them is Business Social.



How is data safety ensured with Business Social?

We us SSL connection, which is encrypted. You data goes straight to a secure server and is stored in an individual database.

Why rent Business Social for Logistics?
  • Avoid large project fees;
  • No hidden costs – support and warranty are included in the price;
  • No hardware headache – price comes with dedicated server space for your needs;
  • Guaranteed further development – you will never miss out on newest functions and fixes.

Purchase and implementation

Which plan is best for me?

Depending if you are freight forwarder or a transporting organization, you may review our products for Freight Forwarding or Transportation (links to product pages). If you do not find what you were looking for, fill in the contact form (link to purchase form) and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What are the payment terms?

The prices you see in our offer are paid monthly (with exception of set-up fee, which is one-time only). The contractual obligation is always 1 year, after which the contract becomes undetermined unless renegotiated by you. If you wish to pay yearly, contact us (link to purchase form) for preferential rates.

What if I want to cancel my plan?

Within the 1 year of the contract, you have an obligation to inform us 3 months in advance about your plan to terminate the subscription. Then no fee will be charged. If you feel you need to leave in more immediate time within that 1 year, you will be billed 3 after your immediate termination. If you decide to leave after the contract becomes undetermined, you will be obliged to inform us a week in advance and no fee will be charged.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, whether your number of users has increased or your company has grown, you may upgrade your chosen plan at any time.

How many users can I have?

You may see our recommended users next to each package, but if you need more, just give us a message.

I am a transporter and a freight forwarder all in one. Can I rent both?

Currently, we do not offer both functionalities at once, however, we can discuss a solution, personally tailored to you.

What are the hardware requirements of Business Social for Logistics?

Included in the price are all server costs and hard disk space for your needs. All you and your colleagues need is Google Chrome 56.x or later versions.

Is it necessary to have or be and IT specialist to use Business Social for Logistics?

It is not necessary to have or be an IT specialist to use Business Social for Logistics. Our technicians implement the system and train you or your system administrator. A designated system administrator does not need to have an IT background.

Can the current version be modified?

Yes. We perform modifications on currently owned systems based on client demand. Contact us (link to purchase form) to discuss your needs in depth.

How long will it take until I can use Business Social for Logistics?

You will be able to log into your system in 3 business days (for orders logged before 5:00 PM EET).

Will I receive training on using Business Social for Logistics?

Yes. Each package contains, in addition to general user manuals, training for your system administrator:

  • Freight forwarding – 3 hours online training
  • Freight forwarding Plus – 4 hours online training
  • Transportation – 6 hours online training
  • Transportation Plus – 8 hours online training
Can I upload my own clients and other information?

Yes. We will train you to upload your existing client database and provide you with necessary templates for it. Same goes for vehicle, driver and other information.

Can I have personalized documents in the system?

There currently standard documentation available in Business Social for Logistics. We can work with you to configure them to be more personalized.

Can Business Social be integrated with accounting and ERP systems?

Yes. If you are interested in ERP integrations, please contact us for more information. Also you can refer to Customer service question 2 (link) to have a better understanding of how we program additional functionality.

Customer service

Is customer support included in the package?

Yes, software warranty and customer service is included in every package. By licensing our software, in addition to functionality you get guaranteed software updates and also ability to use customer service for technical issues and bug reporting.

I want additional functions done for me. How can I get that?

You will need to contact us and discuss with us your needs. Based on the agreement, we will program integrations and functions for you for hourly rate of 55€. We will then adjust your monthly fee based on the value of programming done.

How can I report problems?

Please use customer service form and describe your problem. Our consultants will identify the problem origin, and offer a solution within 24 hours. Inability to access Business Social or other connection-related issues are given higher priority.

Do you have more questions?

Contact us